6 Reasons Why a Whole House Generator is a Good Investment

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Power outages for extended periods can be frustrating and they also cause great inconveniences. Apart from this, a power outage can also lead to damaged appliances as well as wasted food that’s bound to go bad. Against this background, homeowners need to invest in automatic whole house generators as a backup for loss of power. As such, here are the 6 reasons why a whole house generator is a good investment.

A Reliable Source of Power

Places that are characterized by severe weather conditions like thunderstorms or snowstorms are prone to power outages. In some instances, such places can also experience extended blackouts. Therefore, investing in a standby generator is a wise idea since it is a reliable source of power during an outage. A generator will keep your appliances functioning if a severe storm causes loss of power. 

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There are different types of standby generators that you can consider for your home and these come with different features. The knowledgeable specialists at explain the different functions and benefits of various portable generators that can be used in homes. Both diesel and petrol standby generators are ideal for home use since they are fuel-efficient and reliable. In places where power outages occur more frequently, standby generators can help keep your home running and they are very convenient. 

No Downtime on Production

If you work from home, a standby generator is a good investment since it is a reliable source of power that can help prevent downtime issues during a power outage. Different types of home-based jobs strongly depend on electric power which means that its supply should not be interrupted. Extended power outages can lead to losses as a result of reduced production in whatever business that you operate at home. 

Helps Reduce Damage to Appliances

A backup generator automatically switches on during a power outage and the transition might be difficult to notice. This helps to prevent damage to appliances and other equipment that are caused by power surges during the restoration of energy. Commonly, power surges are experienced during the first few minutes after the power has been restored. These surges are usually strong enough to damage different appliances such as televisions, computers, HVAC systems, and other home equipment even if you use surge protectors. The advantage of a backup generator is that it continues to run for a few minutes after power has been restored and this helps to diffuse the impacts of surges. This switchover mechanism is designed to facilitate a smooth transition of power which helps prevent damage to equipment.

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The other benefit is that it is cheaper to maintain a backup generator in the long run, which helps to protect your appliances and other home systems. When these appliances are damaged, it is usually expensive to replace them. Therefore, the option of having a standby generator is a noble idea since you can enjoy peace of mind when you know that your gadgets are protected.  

Prevent Food Spoilage

An extended power outage can lead to an expensive loss of food. Certain types of perishable foods like meat should be kept refrigerated since they quickly go bad when there is no power for longer periods. In areas that are prone to hurricanes, advance notice is often given, and people will use up their perishable foods. However, during an unexpected blackout, you can lose everything in your freezer and refrigerator, and it can be costly to replace the food. When you have a whole house generator, it continues to supply power to your house during an outage which helps prevent spoilage of food. 

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Security System is Not Affected 

If you have a standby generator at your home, security and lighting are guaranteed during a power outage. You can enjoy peace of mind if you experience an extended outage since your property will be secured against thieves. Total darkness at home can compromise your security and you would not like it when you lose your valuable property to thieves as a result of a preventable cause. Additionally, alarm systems are also powered by electric power, and functionality is lost during a power outage. This again can compromise the security of your home. To prevent such problems, it is crucial to invest in a standby generator that automatically switches on when power is lost.

Stay Connected

Having a standby home generator is a big plus since it helps you remain connected with the rest of the world during a power outage. Your internet equipment is likely to shut down during a power outage and this cuts your connectivity with the outside world. Without connectivity, it can be difficult to work from home since many jobs are online based. A backup home generator helps to power your routers and modems to keep you connected as long as the internet service is not disrupted. A reliable source of power also helps to keep you connected to your customers and this is very important in business. 

When you are connected, you can give your customers different updates about your operations and you can also meet their demands. Furthermore, you may also experience the challenge of failing to recharge low batteries in mobile devices without electricity. These gadgets are very important since they help you to stay connected with the outside world. Therefore, a standby generator is very important in your home to keep everything running despite a power outage. 

Unexpected power outages can be frustrating since they affect the operation of different home appliances and other equipment. When you experience a power outage, it means that all work stops if you work from home and you can also lose expensive food. Additionally, loss of power can also lead to damage to home appliances through powerful surges. The security system in your home is also likely to be compromised during a power outage. However, the good news is that all these challenges can be prevented by investing in a whole house generator. In case of an unexpected power outage, the generator automatically switches on such that you will not stay in the dark.