Artistic Duo Transformed an Abandoned Boston Building into a Vigorous Landmark

Baltimore-Based artist group Jessie + Katey undertook a massive urban intervention at the Allston neighborhood of Boston, turning a whole building to a large site-specific artwork setup. Covering all surfaces and sides of the present property, the mural has transformed the vacant website to an energetic and engaging experience for guests and passersby alike. Taking nearly one month to finish, the large-scale function builds up on Jessie Underhalter and Katey Truhn's continuing interest in making socially engaging and energetic artwork for the people to engage.
Found at 273 Western Ave in Allston, the project forms a part of this continuing Zone 3 initiative, that intends to explore advanced programs and incidents as well as the route to help further energize and stimulate the region.

Jessie + Katey 's work explores themes of motion and symmetry, inspired by bold color blends, patterns in nature, and woven fabrics. On the building's façade, the artist duo has inscribed vibrant graphic themes that swoosh and swirl throughout the website. Inspired by the architectural surfaces of this surroundings, the dynamic painting curves around the building's corners and also seams across the ground.