Best ways of removing concrete sealer for you

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Basically, a concrete sealer is used for keeping the concrete safe and totally uncontaminated against all types of uncleanness. They are used due to concrete being permeable in nature. This thus prevents them from any type of corrosion and cracking over a longer time. Finally, the concrete surface lasts for a longer time and is also right for the walkways, driveways, and pathways. There the time comes when you need to look for removing concrete sealer. And the reason could be that you would like to apply the new and better sealer to the concrete for the purpose of preservations. Also, it can be that you need to fully break at a distance a concrete walkway or pathway. Therefore, stripping the concrete sealer makes the work quite convenient.

Here is a helpful post for you on removing concrete sealers removing the concrete sealers using a chemical stripper.
Two main techniques of removing concrete sealers are there through which your tasks of removing it will become a lot easier.

Mechanical method

The mechanical method of removing concrete sealer is involving blasting, grinding or sanding over the pathway and walkway surface. It is actually a destructive pathway that can cause too much untidiness. Also, it makes too much sound and produces lots and lots of dust. Often, the damage is so much that you cannot apply the decorative finishes. Furthermore, if you are not breaking the surface for fully revamping it, don’t go for this one.

Chemical Method

This process is using a chemical solvent that we call stripes for removing out the sealers. This technique allows for the concrete to get resealed easily with a very good sealer. Also, it allows for further work to be easily performed without making any greater untidiness. Moreover, it preserves the pathway or walkway on which you can easily apply any type of finishes.

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Chemical strippers-types

3 main types of chemical strippers are available to choose from and for removing concrete sealer:

⦁ Biochemical
⦁ Caustic
⦁ Solvent-based

All these chemical stabilized strippers are bought at any concrete distribution or at the big-box outlet. Regardless of the kind of chemical stripper you use, you will get a very good outcome. Just remember that those are containing many harsh chemicals. So you need to be careful at the time of using those.  
The green and eco-friendlier chemical stabilized cleaner are not at all safe to be used without taking precautions. Actually they are having the chemicals that are not safer for breathing or using up. In fact, they make you fall sick. Therefore it is essential for you to tale all proper care.

Biochemical Stripper

Biochemical stripper is a new type of stripper and is well known as it is obtained from sustainable materials. Also, their plant-based root means that they don’t harm the atmosphere much. Furthermore, they are having much of ester and natural acids.

Use case
The eco-friendlier sensitive area calls for the stripper to be made in use. If the garden walkway is restored or botanical garden is restored then biochemical stripper is used. Moreover, it is not going to kill the grass and also it is not going to erode and corrode the species of the plants that are nearer to the concrete. They don’t have an odor. The downside of it is that these strippers are not much effective. Therefore they need a highly active application and also need a longer time of the application to stick. They take approx 10-20 hours in removing concrete sealer.
Safety measures
The biochemical stripper common element is N-methyl pyrrolidone. And it is one that causes skin irritation and protection physically at the time of application is warranted.
Caustic strippers
It is consisting of the alkaline chemicals and it on the PH scale ranks greater and hence causes the destruction of the chemical coating that lines the concrete. The sealer breaks quite easily upon the stripper's applications.

Use case There is no doubt that this stripper is the best option especially at the time of dealing with the type of concrete sealer that is containing alkyds and latex. They work very well on the enamel paints that on the concrete are made in use. They are not good for removing the polyurethane, acrylic, and epoxy. Such coasting is having greater resistance when coming to the caustic chemicals. The next thing that you should be cautious of it is the caustic chemicals are not highly effective below the temperature range of 50 deg F. Thicker building too needs much of applications and layers.
Safety measures
When using this, one has to be quite cautious. One has to put on protection physically for avoiding harsh alkaline corrosion. After the work done by this stripper, one has to apply the neutralizing wash. It will take away the coating and residue. Ensure that you throw the waste at a proper place. The reason is this stripper is having the ability to remain active even after applied.
Solvent-based stripper
This is a common stripper used for Removing concrete sealer and has become popular as they work speedily. The popular solvent-based stripper is methylene-chloride based and the other one includes NMP and DBEs. Also, other strippers are there containing acetone, alcohol. They work well when wet and must be mixed with water and don’t work without it. It needs regular water applications to be highly effective. If no proper step is taken for reducing stripper’s evaporation, they will not work. Once applied to the coat, the water-soap application is required.
Use case
Solvent-based stripper is effective and faster and is popular and is globally used. They work in removing concrete sealer of any kind. Only you must understand that they are good for cool conditions. They will fail if used on a hot day. Wind and heat won’t favor.
Safety measures
This stripper causes too much irritation and also may cause liver damage when used too much. Some safety measures are like good ventilation and better airflow.
Chemical stripper no doubt can be of good use when removing concrete sealers. They help in maintaining the concrete for replenishment and also for making the tasks of removing concrete sealer easier.