Geometrically Complex “Flocking Tejas” Construction by BASE Studio

‘Flocking Tejas’ appears as an architectural system which works to unveil a brand new spatial repertoire that fosters the utilization, capacities, and chances of handmade materials, correlated with the emerging and elastic systemic character. This pavilion situated in Chile consists of a collaborative arrangement arranged by neighborhood scale connections, based on principles of space, weight, gravity and physical pressure, in addition to a logic of mass-produced and coordinated replicability.

As in some birds, the system’s international organization obeys an intuitive-like behavior among the components that are based on relationships which are evolving; demonstrating clear cases, variants and software possibilities. In that sense, Chilean Base Studio‘s pavilion proposition establishes a particular program of an example within the many options that the system permits. An example that invites individuals to research this spacious thought of ‘ area in creation’ as well as the strangeness created from these delicate components suspended in a mild cable ceiling. Within an almost sculptural fashion, foundation studio ‘de-contextualizes’ the national vision connected with clay tiles also shows that the inherent capability of its character to constitute geometrically complicated structures.


Physical prototype

Global variations

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