How to Become a Home Inspector?

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Being a house inspector is not easy for everyone. For a house inspector, it is very important to observe every minute detail closely. Career-wise, being a house inspector is a safe and fulfilling choice, it allows you to interact with numerous people on a daily basis. However, to pursue this career, you need to get the correct education and certification and also hone the skills you have.

There are numerous steps that you need to follow to be a home inspector. The first thing that you need to do is to research the requirements for getting a license in the state you are in. for example, some states require applicants to pass a criminal history and background check, some states have a pre-licensing course that you need to pass, some states need you to complete a 128 to 140 classroom hours before you sit for the inspector’s exam. These requirements vary for each state. For example, the license requirements for Ontario home Inspectors are different from that of Texas home inspectors. There are also some states which do not require you to have a license to be a home inspector.

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The next step in being a home inspector is to learn every minute detail about how houses are constructed. You need to know about how the electrical wirings are done, about the plumbing lines, heating systems, cooling systems, and also about the roof of the houses. This is extremely important for being a good home inspector. The techniques, as well as the particles of building and construction, are always changing the houses built ten years ago are a lot different from the houses built now. Learning about this knowledge provides you with the benefit of understanding houses better and reduces the chances of any mistakes.

After this, the following step would be to take a course on home inspection. There are a number of educational institutions that offers some home inspection courses. Some of these institutions also offer online courses for those people who find it difficult to be physically available in the classes. After this, all that is left is to study for the exams. The topics cover the roof drainage, driveways, doors and windows, balconies, landscapes, plumbing, electrical wiring and also support structures. After you sit for the exam and pass it, you can get a certificate in-home inspection. However, if you fail the exam, you get another chance to sit for it within another 30 days.

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These are just the initial steps that you need to follow to become a house inspector. After these initial steps, the next one is to score a job at a well-established house inspecting firm. While working under one such organization, you can get a practical experience about how these things work. You can also establish connections with a lot of people in the same work field like many electricians, plumbing companies.

Finally, when you feel like you have gained enough experience as well as you have saved the capital that you need to start up a business of your own, you can start up your own home inspection company. If you have a reliable vehicle and a computer and the money needed, and you are the one performing the home inspections, you need many people to work for you. You should try purchasing a home inspection franchise so that it can provide you with all the tools that you need. Enhance your skills and also try to get a mentor when you are first starting off. Even though you have worked as a home inspector before, it was different from running your own company, so it would be better to get a mentor first. Even while training, you can also try getting additional trainings and experiences to get even better.