NY’s Penn Station $1.6 Billion Beautiful Expansion Revealed

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently declared that among this nation’s most famed article offices, New York‘s James A. Farley Building would probably be receiving a $1.6 billion makeover. Made famous from the timeless movie Miracle on 34th Street, the construction has seen diminished performance over the previous ten years as email traffic decreases. Now, a part of the historical building is going to likely be given new life as Moynihan Train Hall.

Connecting to the adjacent Penn Station, the job will bring new life into the construction and was initially projected in the 90s by then Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. The identical architectural company built the Farley Building and also the first Penn Station.

“Fifty years following the reduction of this first Penn Station construction, passengers will once more experience a world rail hub worthy of New York,” Governor Cuomo explained. “The Farley Building’s Moynihan Train Hall is just two years in the making, and we’re proud that this job is finally a reality. Together with better access to trucks and subways and state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Moynihan Train Hall seamlessly unites history, architectural layout and operate, bringing the country’s busiest rail station to the 21st century.”

The newest 255,000 square-foot will extend over double Penn Station’s concourse flooring area. And an extra 700,000 square foot will be created for dining, commercial, and retail spaces.

The brand new, $1.6 billion Moynihan Train Hall will join New York’s Penn Station having a huge section of the historical Farley Postal Building.

h/t ArchDaily