Quintessa pavilions in Napa Valley by Walker Warner Architects

Carefully situated amongst present oak trees, each pavilion was constructed with ecological sensitivity in your mind. The total design echoes the current winery with an industrial substance palette which ages and weathers elegantly.

Planned by Warner Walker Architects, the pavilions are a series of autonomous 250-square-foot constructions, each designed to give a personally hosted wine-tasting experience. Thus, each pavilion is closely suited to protect traffic from the elements while also maintaining the existing mature pine trees. The outcome is a one of a kind wine-tasting encounter where the arrangement stalks and sits between the trees on the site and may be used year despite climate conditions.

Employing a fabric palette of durable, sustainable substances that weather and age nicely, the job has garnered praise in the United States. Running parallel to the ridgeline, a daring blade-like concrete wall created out of fly ash creates the pavilion entrance where a door is carved out to show the scenic view from the patio into the slopes beyond. The prefabricated steel construction generates long roof overhangs that shield visitors from the components. The small retaining walls built of Napa syar stone along with also the terrace surface out of locally prefabricated cement pavers.

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All images © Matthew Millman