A Museum of Tiny Masterpieces: Remington Robinson’s Miniature Paintings

Take a tiny vacation and visit Remington Robinson's Museum of Tiny Masterpieces if you ever get lost in the world. A Colorado based artist has been painting miniature outdoor and indoor settings en Plein air for years, and he places them in empty Altoids tins to store and exhibit them.

The lid of the silver container is velcroed to each micro wooden panel, which Robinson uses to move his art materials from one location to the next. Once he's at the ideal painting spot, he lifts the box and uses the bottom pan to combine his color palette. As a result, he can create works of art in many different settings, including airport terminals, grassy meadows, and warm cafes. It's a fascinating way to view art, and it's a unique way to store paintings!

Robinson does not skimp on quality, even though his works are produced on a small scale. He successfully has convincing vegetation, mountains, structures, and other objects by using meticulous brushstrokes and modeling. The buyer of a work by Altoids receives the entire Altoids tin, including the wooden panel still attached to the lid and the complementary color palette dried on top of it.

Robinson's tiny masterpieces may be purchased through his online store, and you may keep up with new works by following the artist on Instagram.

Remington Robinson: Website | Facebook | Instagram