Abstract Digital Art By Rik Oostenbroek

When Rik Oostenbroek was still an adolescent, he started his (actually) colorful career as a member of the digital art collective Depthcore. In the decade following, he has bloomed into a multi-faceted and highly sought after artist, creating styles for big-name manufacturers such as Nike and Mazda. Inspired organic actions and by happy feelings, Oostenbroek produces vibrant, silky, and flowing types that pretty much epitomize the experience of pleasure. He utilizes multiple computer applications to render his models, including Photoshop, MaxonC4D, and V-Ray. Recently, in a project titled "€œExpression of Form,"€ he collaborated with FutureDeluxe and Philip Haynes in the development of multimedia works, applying acrylic and spraypaint to pictures to emulate 3D effects with 2-D media. Irrespective of what he’s working on, Oostenbroek is constantly pushing the frontiers of the art technology to create experimental new forms.