An Elaborate Cross-Section of the Brain Represented With Thousands of Layers of Gold Leaf

Taking nearly two years to finish, neuroscientist Dr. Greg Dunn, along with his collaborator Dr. Brian Edwards, have outlined the neurons in the brain for a set of photographs named 'Self Reflected.' Created through a method they call reflective micro-etching, the two artists track the neural choreography in mind, producing dazzling images that glow with a metallic luminescence.

“My work is no naturalist, art based on natural forms and influenced by scientific advancements that allow us to see the universe beyond human senses,” tells Dunn in his artist statement. “Neonaturalism harmonizes unfamiliar scientific imagery and techniques with an innovative creative scaffolding.”

The works represent a thin slice of the human brain at 22x the standard scale, each designed through a mixture of hand drawing, neuroscientific data, algorithmic simulation of neural connections, photolithography, strategic lighting design, and 1,750 sheets of 22k gold leaf.

via My Modern Met