Artist Draws on Panes of Glass to Create 3D Paintings

Coined by Jean-Pierre Weill as vitreography, this approach to painting results – the book. By stacking multiple sheets of clear glass along with one another and separating the layers with interior frames, Weill is able to play with perspective and produce scenes that appear to recede into the distance. This technique shatters the limitations of traditional painting and invites the viewer to look more closely at each image. “The depth creates a game of hide-and-go-seek, Weill explains on Bored Panda.

The 3D painting collection of the artist composed of a range of subject matter, including expressive portraits, multidimensional still- life, and captivating landscapes. To learn more about one and his unique painterly practice -of-a-kind process, be sure to follow him on Instagram. And, to purchase your own work of art that is vitreography, check his website out.

Jean-Pierre Weill: Website / Facebook / Instagram

via Bored Panda