Artist Embellishes Portraits of Women Using Cascading Thread as Whirling Hair

Artist Sheena Liam has a one of a kind, a handcrafted way of embroidery. Favoring female subjects, with a focus on fluid hairdos, Liam creates exceptional portraits of girls and women with thread tresses that cascade from the sailcloth.

Each portrait is done using black thread, culminating in a group of works reminiscent of straightforward yet exquisitely rendered line drawings. While most of each image that is embroidered lays flat, the subject’s hair falls loosely adding a little three-dimensionality to a uniform surface. Due to the versatility of the thread, Liam can experiment using a variety of hairdos, from perfectly coiffed braided pigtails to loosely tied topknots.

In some instances, the bodies’ hair extends beyond the framework, expressing the artist’s tendency to challenge the bounds and constraints of the traditional craft.

via Colossal