This Artist Handcrafts Small Planets to Capture Genuinely Lifelike Scenes

Artist Adam Makarenko produces and photos dioramas that appear like alien worlds.

Every diorama illustrates the artist’s skillful, sci-fi strategy to small sculpture. “I’m really motivated by the search for life, and also the hunt for other planets,” Makarenko told to MyModernMet. “It is merely a matter of time before we find life elsewhere. It only shows us just how little we understand, and just how small we’ve found yet. We’ve only barely scratched the surface of the galaxy.

In spite of this space-inspired motif, his bits exhibit a range in subject matter and composition. Some reveal that the exoplanets floating in space, but some concentrate on the textures of this terrain. Given that the degree of effort and detail evident in every very small scene, the ease of Makarenko’s materials and mediums is astonishing. To craft the planets, he forms plaster around bases made from polyurethane balls (planetary rings are in reality long-exposure photos of colorful, spinning paper). Likewise, his surfaces are Made of Finally, to make his starry skies wallpapers, he just backlights black paper that’s been hole-punched.

Once his versions are whole, Makarenko catches them using his camera. He photographs the elements of each scene individually and then uses Photoshop to make a composite picture – however, he likes to store any electronic edits minimal.

Makarenko now has an ambitious aim of creating 1,000 exoplanets above the duration of this season. To view more of this photographer’s out-of-this-world oeuvre and then stay informed about the undertaking, go over to his Instagram.

Makarenko uses a wide range of materials to create each planet diorama.