Artist Suspended Mechanical Sculptures by with Their Own Weight

The sculptures each include a rock suspended within a glass enclosure, the rock’€™s pounds completely balanced by the mechanisms, techniques, and pulleys that encompass it.

Dan Grayber relates this play of stress and stability to personal associations, which serves as another influence to his work outside of visible pursuits in industrial layout, construction machinery, along with the children’€™s game Cat’s Cradle.

“€œCavity Mechanism # 6, from 2009, [observed below] is one of the clearest parts to speak about interpersonal relationships that I’ve made,”€ said Grayber to Venison Magazine. “There are two identical mechanisms inside of a glass display dome, and one small cable that runs between the two mechanisms. This cable retains all of the tension between the two mechanisms, and they equally require to remain in place to maintain the pressure. I used to be thinking about co-dependence when the piece was made by me. If either mechanism were to slide, or the relationship between them to break, it would cause both to fail.”

It’s possible for you to see more of Grayber’€™s experiments in equilibrium on his Instagram and Facebook.

h/t Boingboing