This Artist Uses Her Body To Create These Marble Installations

In 'Fleeting Components,' Milena Naef utilizes her body to explore the physiological and psychological weight of this rock.

The project makes it possible for the Amsterdam-based artist to honor the sculptural history of her loved ones, but Naef additionally employs a performative component that makes 'Fleeting Components' inherently private. Having carved off at big marble sheets to make spaces to framework parts of the body, Naef now bears the burden of her runs and works along with them. She shows the potency, intricacy, and fragility of her own body along with the show seems to signify an endearing, crude interaction with a rock. The name considers the ephemeral character of a human body as well as its own capacities, imitating the artist's sense that "the plates could be considered items that captured a moment in time when [her body really merged (nearly like an archive" It may be assumed when the marble was lifted, fresh marks are created, imprinted on her shoulders buttocks and back for their fleeting moment.