Artist Utilises Industrial Metal to Create Nature-Inspired Art

Each handcrafted work of art is composed of metal meticulously -inspired components, such as dotted leaves and soaring birds. Once the artist has reached her desired forms, she hands dyes each translucent piece employing a neutral and natural color palette. Eventually, she arranges the bits into unique compositions, spanning apparently arbitrary heaps, askew placements, and symmetrical rings. She subsequently secures each ephemeral-like element having an excellent entomology pin, further emphasizing her interest in the research of nature.

A representative of an “intricate network of stresses,” her exquisite organizations that are sculptural comprehensively learn more about the thought of opposites. In each piece, things that are stationary seem to evoke movement, free - forms that are falling challenge the limits of their compositions, and industrial materials appear frail. Based on McKinney, “it is the conversation that takes place between these polarities that engage so powerfully.”

You can follow the sensitive practice on her Instagram.