Beer Portraits – Paintings Made of Beer by Kyle Bice

It's fascinating how minor incidents can lead to significant transformations in one's life trajectory. Kyle Bice found himself in such a circumstance when he inadvertently left his painting supplies at home before attending a local "drink and draw" event. Presented with this situation, he improvised by utilizing the stout beer he was drinking as a substitute for his regular paint. To his astonishment, the results were nothing short of exceptional. Opting to make a habit of this, Bice started to specialize in crafting portraits using beer as his medium. His unique talent eventually attracted the attention of New Holland Brewery. Currently, he collaborates with the brewery and travels globally to create fascinating beer-based portraits of intriguing individuals. This incredible career path emerged from what initially seemed like a minor oversight. Now let's delve deeper into his journey, artistic methodology, and collaboration with New Holland Brewery.


Kyle Bice's Initial Introduction to Art

Kyle Bice had always shown an inclination towards art from a young age. Although the databases do not provide specific details about his early life, it is not uncommon for artists to start their journeys in childhood. Skills are often honed through years of training and practice, leading to a defining style or preferred medium. For Kyle, the journey eventually led him to experiment with unconventional materials.


The "Drink and Draw" Event

"Drink and Draw" events are social gatherings that bring together artists, amateurs, and enthusiasts for an evening of drawing and socializing, often over drinks. These events have gained popularity in various cities worldwide and serve as a platform for networking and creative expression.


The Unusual Circumstance

On that fateful day, Kyle Bice forgot his painting supplies. This mistake could have been a setback, but he decided to make the most out of the situation.

Beer as an Artistic Medium

It may seem unusual, but beer has unique properties that make it an interesting medium for art. The varying shades of browns and ambers can lend a unique palette that is not typically achievable with standard paints. Furthermore, the effervescence of the beer adds an additional dimension to the art, offering a unique texture. However, using beer as a medium is not entirely mainstream, and it presents its own set of challenges, such as longevity and preservation.

Collaborating with New Holland Brewery

New Holland Brewery, founded in 1996, is a renowned brewery based in Holland, Michigan, United States. They are known for their craft beers and spirits. Recognizing the unique appeal and marketability of Kyle's work, they decided to collaborate with him.

a man standing in beer painting

The Global Journey

As part of his collaboration with New Holland Brewery, Kyle Bice now gets to travel internationally to paint beer portraits. This collaboration not only benefits Bice by broadening his audience but also serves as a unique marketing strategy for New Holland Brewery.


The Portraits

Kyle Bice chooses to paint various interesting people from around the world. These are often individuals who have stories that resonate with the ethos of New Holland Brewery or have made a significant impact in their fields. Each portrait serves as a unique piece, with the medium of beer adding a thematic cohesion to his body of work.

The Unintended Career

What started as a simple mistake has turned into an extraordinary career for Kyle Bice. Sometimes, unexpected circumstances lead us down paths we never imagined, and Bice's story serves as a testament to the power of improvisation and ingenuity.


In summary, the life of Kyle Bice serves as an exemplary case of how small, seemingly negative events can set off a chain reaction, leading to opportunities that are both unexpected and rewarding. His artistic collaboration with New Holland Brewery underscores the serendipity that life often brings, turning a minor oversight into a unique and fulfilling career path.

The tale of Kyle Bice offers multiple lessons, from the power of improvisation to the beauty of turning limitations into opportunities. It speaks to the artist in all of us, encouraging a spirit of experimentation and the courage to venture beyond traditional methods and mediums. So, the next time you find yourself in a seemingly inconvenient situation, remember Kyle Bice. You never know; your next mistake could be the start of something extraordinary.