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This Clever ‘Free Bird Seed’ Mural Will Lead You To A Sudden Surprise

While we have already seen some amazingly creative graffiti previously, there appears to be no limit to the possibilities that a dull building wall gifts. A challenge he coped with brilliantly.

“It was a struggle developing a storyline with two corners with this much distance between them. But I was genuinely pleased to perform that Wile E Coyote slice,” Lee told Street Art News. “The consummate failure is my favorite character of all time. I adore him for knowing what he wants and moving after it; for being creative in the pursuit; and also for always getting up once he falls and attempting again. He is inspired… and also a heck of a painter. A massive thank you to Soho House and also Threadless for permitting me the chance.”

Should you ever have the opportunity to land in Chicago, head over to the Soho House at the West Loop, in which the quadriptych graffiti could be experienced in its entire glory.