Colorful Abstract Paintings By Kai Samuels-Davis

American artist Kai Samuels-Davis implies his distinctive technique to generate mesmerizing portraits filled with expression.

“His job is made mainly of portraits and figures focusing on introspective moments we keep to ourselves. By primarily using obtained imagery as reference material, a separation is made between subject and artist, giving the vision to distance itself by describing specific individuals. The portraits somewhat change and evolve into a new persona that is abstracted and intentionally ambiguous. This gives the audience the chance to produce their own narrative, associations, or meaning and makes every piece uniquely personal.

Painting mostly with oils on wood using a mixture of brushes and metal and rubber scrapers, paint is applied layer upon layer highlighting its story and texture. Structures and spaces are fragmented or shaded to improve the balance between distraction and clarity in everyday thought. The images are cerebral and emotional, creating a mood of melancholy and solitude with a recognition for their own necessity and beauty.”