These Deadly Skulls And Powerful Guns by Chad Pierce Will Surprise You

American oil painter Chad Pierce has been a full-time artist for over ten years now. His rich and complex works range from translucent toy firearms and shimmering crystals, through to macabre skulls that leer at you from deep inside the canvas.

His Instagram profile is a sneak preview into a daily routine and his creative process. There you'll find time lapse videos, works-in-progress and innumerable examples of the work in its final form.

In among his creations, Pierce also shares photos of his family and studio - a place where he spends the majority of his day working on up to 5 exceptional pieces throughout the day.
Below is a little sample of his notable technique, including an awesome homage to R2D2. Don't forget to help support his unquestionable ability and see his online store in which you purchase originals of his work or follow him.