Denise Ramsay and her elegant blooms floating amid botanical watercolor paintings

Denise Ramsay, a botanical artist, based in France, presents pollen-heavy stamen and fleshy petals in a unique series of watercolor paintings.
She concentrates on the flower's head and on the capitulum to give each flower an active quality. The artist tells Colossal that her "Alien Nation" series centers on the simplistic lines and shapes found on the planet.
She says that watercolor gives her transparent washes and the fluid that she needs to bring the light glow of color and shadows to give the impression that each flower looks like it hovers effortlessly in space.
Her goal is to show people fresh and exciting ways, to elevate a simple flower. Because of her fashionistas background, she has a deep love for tense and dramatic lights, that we can see in her floral parts, which sometimes stretch up to forty-six inches.
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