Eerie Ceramic Sculptures by Linda Cordell

Linda Cordell 's ceramic figurines offer you familiar creatures and characters, yet many take a darker border. A lot of Cordell's work depicts the animal kingdom, in varying states of anxiety or external battle. Most sculptures take the pure color of ceramic, with pops of vivid hues that indicate points of interest (or effect, based on the item).

"Socially awkward and full of repressed anger, so I anesthetize myself spending dumb hours dividing detailed texture into funny and embarrassing creature sculptures," she states. "A kid of this revisionist age, my job reinterprets the figurine allowing animals to break the chains of cuteness and noble savagery. An appreciation of the absurd, a love of beauty and expert craftsmanship, along with the belief that national objects are societal propaganda all contribute to my job." Since graduating, she was a resident and has been shown in arts institutions throughout the world.