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Elastic and Twisted Volkswagen Designs by Chris Labrooy

The beetle and golf are icons of the Volkswagen brand, maturing across a selection of versions from classic to modern times. In homage to the old versions of the automobile, two brilliant cruisers get their groove on in this newest short movie by UK-based artist Chris Labrooy. The video, titled 'Cut & Close,' proceeds Labrooy's continuing interest in cars, after his 'automobile elasticity' string of tangled and twisted vehicles in Tokyo, and also his Porsches parked in surreal situations around hands springs.

Establish in unique places -- an outdoor living room sparsely populated using furniture, along with a vibrant exterior landscape -- the cruisers experience unusual circumstances and situations. Labrooy has revived a beetle to be sucked through a portal site and pushed from the other end; a club tucked in half to shimmy its way throughout the scene, along with an amalgamation of both bundled into an eccentric botanical ball.

h/t Designboom