Every Item Featured in Popular TV Shows Are Arranged in These Posters

Artist and designer Jordan Bolton is a big fan of tv and film. He expresses his love of critically-acclaimed dramas and heartwarming tales through a familiar format: the poster. But instead than commemorating the celebrities, Bolton celebrates treasured media through its little yet iconic objects. In each of his minimalist posters, he turns his focus to the likes of shoes, beautiful necklaces, and regular umbrellas. By doing this, Bolton dissects the famous objects in a creation and arranges them into eye-pleasing compositions.

Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, and Stranger Things all have designs created in their honor. These shows are ideal candidates for Bolton’s pictorial treatment. They are conceptually rich and feature plenty of memorable objects over the course of their own episodes. In the Breaking Bad poster, for instance, Bolton has contained things that define the series, such as the hazmat suits that Jesse and Walt wear, in addition to the pink teddy bear who fulfilled its unfortunate death in two.

The pleasure of Bolton’s posters stems from understanding and loving those displays. If you’re familiar with them, you are going to understand the symbolism he’s packed into each TV poster and remember why you loved the show in the first location.

Bolton’s meticulous arrangements are all available as posters during his Etsy shop.


Jordan Bolton chronicles the small but important objects in a few of our favorite tv shows along with his meticulous TV posters.