Italian Artist Decorates Classical Sculptures With Realistic Tattoos

Italian artist Fabio Viale produces familiar classical marble sculptures having an unanticipated modern tattoo twist.

"It is fantastic how he functions with marble, a conventional and nearly sacred stuff," says Pietro Gagliardi, Fabio Viale's art trader. "He translates the marble in this manner that something contemporary and modern comes from it."

Fabio Viale began working with marble at age 16 and never halted. "I am still fascinated by it. The material lets me make the contours that I picture. There is nothing that I can not do with it."

We can see Madonnas, skulls, guns and other secretive layouts that come in the intricate code of this prisoner community.

That is the way with Viale's touch, the sculptured classical bodies believed to be 'ideal' get a severe touch of badassery, which makes us reconsider how ancient artwork relates to present realities.

h/t ufunk