Japanese Artist Modifies Old Amazon Cardboard Boxes into Marvelous Sculptures

Instead of clay, wood, or other normal materials, nevertheless, Ohno has chosen to specialize in an unusual medium: cardboard. Especially, Ohno uses discarded Amazon cartons create her assortment of jaw-dropping and cardboard sculptures that were comprehensive.

Using the recycled paper products, Ohno crafts an eclectic array of cardboard artwork. A number of her most notable sculptural works of art are high-spirited creatures and monsters (including a miniature Godzilla), naturalistic renderings of food and drink, work shoes, and elaborate vehicles. Each piece is made up of multiple parts pieced together, permitting Ohno to impressively attain various textures, patterns, and characteristics. Given the degree of detail apparent in each piece of upcycled art, the simplicity of the tools of Ohno may surprise you. She uses only a pair of scissors, a standard box cutter, a ruler, glue, and masking tape, to make her stunning sculptures.

Ohno started working together with the uncommon substance when she understood that, due to the price of store fees, she did not possess the resources to animate as often as she'd like. She began experimenting with some old Amazon boxes she had been holding on, as she sought another artistic outlet to take up to. She spends most of her time pursuing—and perfecting—the cardboard craft.