Kerby Rosanes’ Inked Illustrations Blend Animals with Divine Patterns

This past year, we’re crazy about artist Kerby Rosanes‘ geometry-inspired beast sketches. Now, the illustrator comes back with a brand new space-inspired string that matches surreal animals with nesting patterns, culminating in an assortment of animal illustrations which will leave you starry-eyed.

Although left in a means which is reminiscent of doodling, each piece contains an extraordinary quantity of detail. This focus to intricacy is evident in everything in the animals’ delicately rendered fur, feathers, scales, and epidermis into the galactic patterns which offset them. Additional these space-inspired layouts are integrated into every case, either as a mesmerizing backdrop or since the creatures–both real and imagined–themselves.

To dream up his quirky articles, Rosanes relies only on creative thinking, explaining his work as a reflection of “the bizarre things that I imagine.” Although this fantastical strategy is very evident in his galactic animal drawings, it’s also present in his other endeavors, such as fairytale-inspired sketches, pop culture bits, Abdul studies, and also his continuing Geometric Beasts string. Regardless of the discipline, but the artist proceeds to wow his awe-struck viewers with his whimsical function, which he shares on Instagram.

h/t So Super Awesome


Illustrator Kerby Rosanes produces nesting space artwork that unites detailed drawings of creatures using galactic patterns.