Lisa Stevens’ Mesmerizing Ceramic Sculptures: Inspired by Nature’s Organic Forms

If you need a little bit of serenity in your life, look no further than Bristol-based artist Lisa Stevens‘ ceramic sculptures. Stevens’ sculptures are inspired by organic forms discovered in nature. Stevens’ works, which resemble washed-up seashells on the beach, are frequently reminiscent of tiny seashells. Visit Steven’s Instagram if you’re searching for a way to bring quiet into your house or workplace.

Using clay as her medium, Stevens crafts her mesmerizing sculptures by hand, sculpting and shaping the intricate patterns that make these pieces unique. She achieves this by wrapping textiles in a way that gives them an appealing touch. While the majority of these things are formed around the circular form of plates and bowls, some have far-reaching three-dimensional projections, while others are carved into rectangles or shells with enormous spikes.

These wonderfully creative decorations are inspired by lichen, coral reefs, moss, and other natural sources. When Stevens paints her completed ceramic pieces, she pays tribute to these influences by utilizing vivid color palettes influenced by oranges, greens, and blues. The areas that aren’t painted stand out as sculptural features on the clay’s surface.

Stevens’ ceramic works are for sale on Etsy. You may also keep updated with the artist’s newest pieces by following her on Instagram.