‘Neighbors’ Miniature Sculptures by Isaac Cordal

As part of the 2016 SCOPE International Contemporary Art Show, these miniature sculptures by Isaac Cordal of men on balconies chatting on cell phones or alone with their feelings shows how united we are as a society yet fully isolated from each other even though we are only a short distance away. The scenes are easy to link to and take on multiple meanings, but the installation mainly reflects the nonsense of modern living.

The installation is light on our relationship with current outdoors due to the use of new technologies. We are more linked with virtual spaces than with their physical counterparts. Never before we have been so connected one to the other and at the same time so isolated. Many years ago, I imagined a party full of people, where no one communicated with each other. There was a warmth due to the presence of bodies, but there was no communication. There was a noise of the overlapping conversations, but the conversations were not between the people present. They were all communicating with someone in the outside world through their mobile phones.