A Shattered Luxury Car Made From Over 12,000 Mirrors

Shimmering like a crystal and hardened like by a crash to tens of thousands of reflective parts of stainless steel, 'mess' by Jordan Griska evokes both luxurious and mortality. The life-size sculpture is the perfect replication of a Mercedes Benz S550 automobile, disjointedly assembled from divisions of highly polished parts of stainless steel. By taking a 3D version of this Mercedes-Benz S550 and manipulating it by digital applications, Griska successfully managed to translate the luxury vehicle to a disjointed piece of artwork, without dropping the similarity to the car where it's been based. The manipulations into the automobile are affected by fatality wrecks and internet pictures of automobile crashes and assembled by mirrored bits--just laser cut to match.

Together with his job, Griska sets out to mirror the summit of the automobile industry employing digital technologies and scrupulous handcraft to subvert both utopian dreams and truth.
Notorious for carrying 'significant' subject matter in his own job, Griska's 'mess' is no exception. Together with his concurrently stunning and haunting bit, Griska catches the double nature of American civilization by contrasting riches, independence, and identity with decadence, debauchery, and tailspin, as other sides of the identical coin.