This Stunning Sculpture of Split Head Shows a Hauntingly Surreal Skull Within

Working mainly in plaster, Japanese artist Taiji Taomote creates surreal sculptures inspired by skeletal motifs. One of his functions that are most distinctive of skull artwork, death Visceration, displays both the artist creativity and his awe-inspiring realist method.

Her expression is calm and while her gaze is peaceful, the female figure's face is shockingly split open, revealing a lifelike skull that seems from her skin to burst.

In addition to its eye- catching the sculpture's special dimensionality sets it aside from other contemporary skull artwork. Though peculiar, this interesting facial structure enables the sculpture to be correctly viewed from any angle. Whether observed from right or the left, the encounter will appear to be in tact. When observed in the front or back, however, its split up face and odd, seam -like crack are visible.