Traditional Thai Artist Carves Meticulously Detailed Carvings Out of Soap

A very long tradition is being carried by Thai artist Narong together with his complex carved soaps. Finely carving out complicated patterns in the medium that is soft, he’s able to attain designs that are incredibly complex. Soap carving has a long tradition in Thailand, originating from the action of sculpting fruit and vegetables.

She carved fowl and blossom to boost her basket, starting a convention as the festival calls for decorated baskets to float on a river.

The work of Narong, therefore, comes from a long cultural heritage. It’s gaining in popularity with young kids often instructed the craft in school though soap and vegetable carving fell out of popularity following the 1932 Siamese revolution. From more traditional floral patterns and dragons to modern-day figures, Narong is pushing the limits of what is possible with soap carving.