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Travel Memories in Ink: An Insight into José Naranja’s Travel Sketchbooks


José Naranja, an artist renowned for his keen eye for detail and his nomadic lifestyle, prefers to etch his travel memories into sketchbooks rather than merely flicking through digital snapshots. As a seasoned explorer and attentive observer, his vivid recollections manifest in the form of personalized journals filled with meticulous illustrations and informative notes. These sketchbooks are a fusion of reality and his artistic interpretation, where the collected mementos of his trips from far-off lands and the pages of his trusty Moleskines converge.

Naranja's artistic repertoire is quite expansive, with a predilection for using watercolors and ink to breathe life into his sketches. His favorite subjects include the majesty of aeronautics, iconic movie characters, and intricate maps. However, Naranja's explorations were grounded during the recent past, much like many global travelers, due to circumstances beyond his control. Despite these setbacks, the seasoned voyager managed to restart his journeys, painting vibrant pictures of his Asian exploits, particularly in Thailand, in his latest notebook entries.


Adding to his list of ongoing projects, Naranja is currently channeling his artistic vision into an avant-garde oracle deck, offering glimpses of the year 2050. This speculative project is a blend of various disciplines, including science, art, and philosophy, all seen through Naranja's imaginative lens, adding a whimsical touch to potential futures.

Moreover, Naranja has recently published a new book, "The Nautilus Manuscript". Readers can dive deep into the world of this author, artist, and explorer, gaining insights into his creative process and his unique perspective on the world. To stay updated on Naranja's latest works and projects, followers can track his journey on Instagram. His social media presence acts as a live window into his life, artistry, and adventures, offering an authentic glimpse into the narrative of his extraordinary life.


As an artist, José Naranja's work is a testament to the beauty of keeping traditions alive, reminding us of the charm of tangible mementos in an increasingly digital world. His love for travel, keen observation skills, and artistic prowess blend together in his sketchbooks, creating a compelling journey for everyone who flips through their pages. Whether it's his books, his oracle deck, or his social media presence, Naranja invites us all to join him on his voyages and partake in his unique view of the world.

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