Unique Isolation Helmet Created to Help You Stay Focused and Productive

Tried every productivity trick you understand and have difficulty staying focused in the workplace? Ukranian design firm Hochu Rayu believes they have come up with a solution which will keep you connected, but cut on external diversion.

The idea came about after Hochu Rayu has been requested to design a brand new telephone booth for an IT business. After considering how we speak, they picked to get a new tool which will "enable you to be in 2 worlds sitting on your seat at the workplace, at a meeting, or anyplace you feel like wearing your helmet" The Helmfon comes outfitted with Bluetooth microphone and camera, so making sure that you will have the ability to attend virtual meetings without distraction and without bothering others. There's a special slot to your smartphone, which means that you may take calls immediately.

Made from a glass fiber outer shell plus a membrane fabric with jeweled polyethylene to your inside, the helmet effectively isolates sound. This enables multiple employees to run meetings at the identical little space without causing a commotion. Along with the Helmfon could be customized in many of entertaining, vibrant colors to bring a little whimsy back in the workplace.