Woodensense Carves Beautiful Nature Inspired Wood Frames

Inspired by rustic scenes of a wild character, artist Faith Montgomery of Woodensense creates striking works of wooden art. Featuring breathtaking landscapes framed by creatively stained reclaimed wood, each of Montgomery's pieces exhibits her evident affection for painting and her love of the great outdoors.

Presenting beautifully painted peaks of majestic mountains, towering trees, starry skies, and glistening bodies of water, Montgomery's collection of works gives awe-inspiring views of the character. What makes these piece even more striking, however, is the artist's most inventive approach to framing. Made from reclaimed wood, each framework stipulates Montgomery's apt appreciation for the environment. Furthermore, she's carved the silhouettes of all nature-inspired motifs to the timber, adorning the upcycled constructions with rustic cut-outs and pertinent silhouettes.

Given that the level of ability apparent in her portfolio of recovered wood art, you could be amazed to learn that painting isn't Montgomery's specialty. Her background, she describes, is really at a drawing. A few years before, but she decided to try her hand at painting as a way of artistic exploration." I'm more of a sketch artist, but I believed that painting could permit me to broaden my horizons," she explains on the Woodensense Etsy. "And, to me, in this world there is nothing more surprising than the world itself. We take for granted nature and all it has to offer, thus by capturing just a peek of it, maybe the little things in life can become big things."

Artist Faith Montgomery of Woodensense creates unique landscape paintings styled by creatively adorned reclaimed wood.

h/t So Super Awesome