6 Blade Runner Inspired Vehicles We Want To See In Real Life

As the world anxiously awaits the return of the Blade Runner universe to our silver screens, it is worth taking a long moment to sit back and ponder the startling originality of the first movie’s cyberpunk visual design.

The 1982 movie was particularly noted for the way it showed the future not as a gleaming new world built from scratch, but as a grubby dystopia where each new innovation was built on top of its failing predecessor.

We’re at a stage now where vehicle from the original movie have influenced real-life cars, which are now inspiring new fictional spin-offs.

Well, the new movie is set just 32 years in the future, which really isn’t that far away – so the Jennings Ford Direct team have taken the liberty of imagining how today’s motors might evolve into those of our cyberpunk future. Can you trace the lineage from the car in your garage to these mean machines of Los Angeles, 2049?

Source: JenningsFordDirect

Spinner (Dodge Charger LX)

Rick Deckard's Sedan (Tesla Model S)

J. F. Sebastian 's Armadillo Van (Ford Transit Custom)

Blade Runner Inspired 'Everyday' Car (Volkswagen Gold Hatchback)

Blade Runner 2049 Truck (Nikola One Semi)

Spinner Motorcycle (Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle)