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Top 5 Chevy Silverado Lemon Law Problems

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Chevy Silverado is, probably for a number of reasons, among the most popular trucks in the United States. It can serve you just as well around the town and on those tough off-road terrains, and that’s one of the things that truck owners are always searching for when buying their new vehicle. Apart from that, this vehicle is aesthetically appealing as well, and there’s basically a Silverado for everyone’s budget, ranging from work trucks to those highly luxurious ones.

If you’ve bought a Chevy Silverado recently but you’re not as happy with it as you thought you would be, then one thought must have crossed your mind. Could it be a lemon? It’s not that all Chevys are bad, it’s just that you might have stumbled upon a bad batch and wound up buying a Chevy Silverado Lemon instead of getting a vehicle that’s in perfect shape and that you won’t have any issues with. Even though you’re having issues with this truck, you’re not sure if it really is a lemon and if your claim will be taken into consideration or not.

How can you find that out, though? Well, first and foremost, you should remember that taking the car to a professional repair shop is necessary even if it is a lemon, and the experts you’ll work with during the process will give you their opinions on this. Of course, if you don’t take the vehicle to a repair shop and file a lemon claim right away, you’ll just get rejected, because “a reasonable number of repair attempts” is one of the conditions you’ll need to meet if you want your claim to even be considered.

Apart from working with those professionals, you’ll also want to know what the common Chevy Silverado Lemon Law problems are, and thus figure out if you’re eligible for filing the claim, or if you’ll just have to deal with things in a different way. So, in short, you’ll have to rely on the opinions of experts, but you’ll also have to know at least the basics for yourself before taking any concrete steps here. And, if you’re ready to learn about those common Silverado issues for which you should definitely file a lemon law claim, read on to find out about the five top ones.

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Airbag Inflator Issues

Airbags are a huge safety measure, and you need them to function properly if you want to feel secure in your vehicle. Sure, nobody is expecting to be in an accident, but this is a risk that should always be on your mind and that you should be protected against at all times. Airbags play a big role in protecting you should you wind up in an accident. And, one of the huge signs that you have a lemon Silverado, and this is why they’re called lemons, is a faulty airbag inflator. You definitely don’t want to drive a truck that has airbag inflator issues, as your safety will be very much compromised that way.

Airbag inflator issues can present in two ways. First off, the airbag might not inflate at all, in a crash, and it’s clear why that’s dangerous. Secondly, the airbag may inflate with too much force, which can lead to shrapnel flying out and injuring the people in the vehicle. The manufacturer is already aware of this issue on some of their vehicles, meaning that they’ll have no hard time believing your lemon claim.

Faulty Brakes

What’s more dangerous than a faulty airbag inflator? Faulty brakes, of course! This problem most commonly appears when driving your Silverado during cold weather. The issue is in the front brake calipers that can crack, thus causing the brake pads to fall out of position. All of that results in increased wear on those brake rotors, as well as in longer stopping distances, which can be quite dangerous in situations in which you need to react quickly so as to keep yourself and your passengers safe.

Apart from causing longer stopping distances, this issue can lead to brake fluid leaks, thus resulting in complete brake failures. You will have a hard time stopping the vehicle if you have this problem, while fuel consumption will extensively increase. Such a serious safety issue is certainly not to be ignored and the manufacturers will take it upon themselves to resolve the problem free of charge if you file your lemon claim for this reason.

Engine Stall

Imagine this. You’re speeding the highway, and all of a sudden, your engine starts stalling, or it shuts down altogether without any kind of warning. Panicking is something you should do afterward, so you’ll probably find a way out of the situation, start the engine quickly again and continue driving. Wherever this happens, though, it can lead to an accident, regardless of how great and experienced a driver you are. Well, this is another lemon law Chevy Silverado issue that manufacturers are aware of, and its underlying cause is the engine control module software which can fail and lead to a complete loss of power.

So your car’s a lemon? Now what: 

The Shake Problem

Have you noticed vibrating or shaking after turning on the steering wheel of your Chevy Silverado? This may seem like an insignificant issue, but it actually isn’t, because it’s caused by loose nuts and bolts on the steering column. Having lost parts in your vehicle is never a minor and insignificant issue, so this is another reason why filing a lemon claim could be the perfect move. It can cause issues not only for you but also for other drivers on the road, so basically, everyone’s safety is compromised if this isn’t resolved.

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Transmission Lurching

When you accelerate in a hurry and notice that your engine is revving higher than it should, then you probably have a transmission issue. Transmission lurching is not an uncommon problem with Chevy Silverado, and, frankly, the entire transmission design often tends to be faulty. So, there’s another lemon law problem with this vehicle that you shouldn’t ignore.