TruckHouse BCR: The Ultimate Off-Road Camper for 2024

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In 2021, TruckHouse shook up the world of camping enthusiasts by launching the BCT, an innovative expedition camper that was constructed on a Toyota Tacoma base. This novel design caught the eye of many, creating a buzz in the outdoor community. Yet, TruckHouse had more tricks up their sleeve. The BCT was only the beginning of a series of ambitious projects that aimed to redefine adventure travel. Recently, they pulled the curtains back on their latest marvel - the BCR, an off-road camper that’s built on the Prospector XL RAM 3500 chassis, a product of American Expedition Vehicles (AEV).

This new creation resulted from a strategic partnership between TruckHouse and AEV. The end product of this synergy was the TruckHouse BCR, a comprehensive hardshell camper with a carbon fiber body. It is an aesthetic masterpiece, as pleasing to the eye as it is capable on the road. It goes beyond the prowess of its Tacoma-based forerunner, giving campers a more thrilling adventure tool.

The exterior of the BCR is engineered to maximize the robust nature of the Prospector XL. It sports 40-inch tires, a snorkel, a 20,000-pound winch situated in the front, and a 3-inch lift. These enhancements do more than just make the camper more capable off-road. They contribute to the BCR's year-round appeal, making it an all-season travel companion.

On the inside, the TruckHouse BCR offers an inviting, well-appointed living space. Despite its tough-as-nails exterior, this off-the-grid camper vehicle doesn't compromise on comfort. It offers luxury that's hard to find in other vehicles of its kind. Among its comforts are a king-size bed and a U-shaped dinette at the back that can convert into an extra bed for any unexpected guest you may pick up along your journey. The main bed is fitted with a large skylight above it, while the dinette is surrounded by windows. This design element allows for stunning views of the scenery as you navigate through the wilderness.

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In terms of amenities, the BCR leaves no stone unturned. The onboard kitchen is equipped with a range of modern appliances including an induction cooktop, microwave, sink, and fridge. As for the bathroom, it is likely to feature a cassette or composting toilet and an indoor shower for your convenience. The BCR has been designed for extended off-grid trips, so it comes with rooftop solar panels and a lithium battery to ensure all systems run smoothly, no matter how far away you are from civilization.

The TruckHouse BCR has been generating significant excitement among the outdoor community, and the anticipation is expected to build even further with the first units set to be delivered in the spring of 2024. If you're keen on getting your hands on this incredible camper, you can secure your spot with a refundable deposit of $10,000. Whether you're a seasoned camping veteran or a newcomer to the Overlanding lifestyle, the TruckHouse BCR is designed to captivate and inspire the adventurer in you. Its combination of rugged performance and home-like comfort makes it a one-of-a-kind offering that's set to redefine the standards of the camper world.

a truck is parked in a parking lot
a truck is parked in a parking lot
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