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When Should I Replace My Truck Parts?  

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Truck maintenance is an important thing to manage, but it can be tough to figure out how to do it as efficiently as possible. This is especially true for those who own and drive a truck, but themselves are not very well-versed in how and when to replace parts. But when exactly should you replace your tricky parts?

Truck running boards

While they are not mandatory, they are valuable for a lot of people. Truck running boards help people get in and out of their vehicle. This is good for children, the elderly, and shorter people, all of whom may have difficulty climbing into a truck. However, while it is not a mandatory part, if you have one, you want to make sure that the running boards are not falling short. These are not fragile parts, mind you, but they get enough foot traffic that it's worth making sure. If it seems like your running boards are beginning to strain, you should ask a professional to assess how strong they are. Otherwise, you may find the running boards breaking or dislodging when someone is using them, which could do quite a lot of harm.

Truck tires

Truck tires are a vital thing to have for your vehicle, and we imagine we don't have to explain why. Because of how important they are, this means that you need to take care of their maintenance. Further, there are factors that need to be avoided, as even the slightest risk can damage your tire. For example, a nail in the road may be enough to pierce your tire and require a replacement. While it may seem safe to drive with a nail in your tire, it is anything but.

While it is serving as a sort of plug to prevent air from coming out, that doesn't mean it is foolproof. The air may leak, which would cause your ride to be a more perilous one. Your vehicle is more difficult to control when one or more tires are low on air. If at all possible, get your vehicle towed. Do not drive if you may cause an accident. Granted, you may be in a situation where you don't even notice that your tire got punctured. Yet, if you do notice, take heed and put your spare on until you can get it properly replaced. Make sure you travel with a jack and the appropriate wrench for your tire as well, so you can lift your car and replace the tire.

Even if you do manage to avoid any issues with your tires, you will have to replace them eventually. Each tire should be replaced every six years; because of this, it is a good idea to make sure that each of your tires is installed at the same time. This way, you can keep your tire replacement on the same schedule. This is not at all guaranteed, of course, since one of your tires may wear down faster than the others, and require replacement sooner.

Truck side mirrors

Truck side mirrors are an important thing to keep in proper shape. After all, a faulty side mirror can make your blind spots that much larger as a result. Trucks are pretty beefy, so having a larger blind spot is a serious risk. Depending on your state, having your side mirror damaged or missing may put you on the wrong end of the law. However, truck side mirrors do not typically have to be replaced on a schedule, as if you are lucky, they never suffer significant wear or damage. Even small damage, such as minor scratches on one or both of the mirrors, will not require that you replace them. However, if the scratch is significant enough to obscure your sight of the objects in the mirror, you would be well advised to replace the affected mirror(s).

Truck headlights and taillights

These parts are not only a good idea, they are required by law to be in working order. If ever your vehicle gets into a crash, there is a decent chance that one or more of your headlights or taillights were damaged in the process. In this case, you should get them replaced as soon as possible. However, it should be noted that like any lights, the bulbs in them have only so long before they will burn out. How long they take to burn out will ultimately depend on the kinds of bulbs your truck has.

Typically, truck lights last for several years. However, once you eventually replace them, you may find that your headlights and taillights are burning out faster than they did the first time. This would likely be caused because the bulbs are less efficient by comparison. In order to avoid getting less efficient replacement bulbs, you should make sure to look into more expensive, more efficient bulbs. Less stress, fewer replacement jobs, and more peace of mind. You may be able to find replacement bulbs that last for several years, so keep your eye out.