Whimsical Watercolors Illustrate the Many Classes of the Animal Kingdom

Illustrator and amateur naturalist Kelsey Oseid is focused on criticizing the organic universe, illustrating the animal realm's various orders and classes on bases made with watercolor and gouache. The posters emphasize more known commands like Carnivora and Rodentia, while also showcasing the diversity of creatures in lesser known orders such as the Chondrichthyes and Artiodactyla. Oseid numerically tags the more familiar titles of every creature in the footer of the functions, pointing out in which you can locate the capybara, naked mole rat, along with hammerhead shark.

The Minneapolis-based illustrator's first Novel, What We See from the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky, comes from September 26 from Ten Speed Press. You can have a peek at Oseid's inspiration and sketches for her illustrations on her Instagram, and catch a poster for your own on her Etsy.

h/t My Modern Met