Anna Keville Joyce

Anna Keville Joyce - Food Artist & Movie Director - originally from the US and currently in Buenos Aires. With a background in Food Styling, Style, and Sociology, Anna has taken part in a large variety of photography and movie projects worldwide.

Her work epitomizes energy on a page and screen, which's what food is-- a vital power source which she brings to life. From comical sushi emojis to elegant flamingos produced using tiny grains of rice and sliced radishes, the designer's compositions are infused with a creative license that is in some cases, very little or abstract, however always vivacious.

With an academic degree in socio-cultural sociology, there is something cultural and social about her work. Extremely friendly, she utilizes food to tell crisp and vibrant stories that are immaculately carried out.

"I expertly split time mainly in between Buenos Aires and New York City. I'm always amazed by the differences right down to the smallest details, characteristics and even my uncomfortable South American habit of greeting everybody with a kiss upon getting here in the U.S.A

In the interview to Anna said.

I operated in worldwide research with Central Asia before food styling and invested an extended amount of time in Hungary and New Zealand.

Tell us about your background in anthropology?

For my 'art,' food is what I comprehend finest-- I understand how it moves, how it responds, how to care for it, how to make it last, and when it's going to shrivel up and die on me.

What is it about food that records your creativity?

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