Asya Kozina

Asya and Dmitriy Kosin’s Art Group is a creative duet centered on exploring the possibilities of modern paper sculptures. Their curiosity as professional artists lays in the business of cultural research, archiving, and plastic expression of different historical, artistic and traditional renderings. Unique and complex layouts are calling to be tried on, insistent on telling their stories through photographs and limited edition prints.

The flexible white paper is utilized not just as a tool, but also as a theory which helps to express the historic process in a symbolic fashion. The images of Mongolian, African, Scythian, Venetian, Baroque, Art nouveau civilizations are easily recognizable while simultaneously metaphorical. A paraphrase of contemporary appropriation of history as a set of events removed from insignias of their epochs, but frequently full of modern emotions and value judgements. Artists have since left the blank paper surface to be swallowed with the understanding of the viewer.

The plain white sheet works have come to be the artist‘s signature mark. Asya and Dmitriy Kozin consider that white paper permits to allow them to accent shape and hide secondary details. All of their pieces are crafted by hand, each special in its own right and never to be replicated. This identity creates a resistance to multiplying media images made with the assistance of digital tools, a representation of modern visual culture. At first glance, one may suspect a few of Kozin’s works to be graphically designed through digital means. Happily enough, these projects are left unaltered by present-day engineering, a true representation of craftsmanship.

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