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Bangkok, Thailand's capital and the most populous city is a bustling urban center that has more than eight million people residing within its borders. With 1,568 square kilometers of space in the Chao Phraya River delta to house them all these inhabitants have discovered many ways to make their living - from arts and crafts workmanship or small-scale manufacturing for export companies. The city also boasts some traditional handicrafts such as Thai silk weaving often made by hand on wooden looms with pedal power still used today!

Bangkok which spans over one thousand five hundred sixty-seven (1,567) square meters offers so much diversity in culture due to it being home to 8 million straddling citizens who each find different livelihoods like making leather goods, fabrics, and even Bangkok's popular street food. Bangkok has a variety of street foods that are only made in Bangkok; these items are called Khao Kaeng or "rice concoctions." Khao Kaeng is what Bangkok's residents eat from breakfast to dinner.

The cuisine found in Bangkok can be described as being spicy, sweet, sour, and salty with hot chilies added to give the flavor an extra kick! Bangkokians love their chili peppers added to most dishes so much they have at times been nicknamed the city of smiles due to the heat of its food bringing on many red faces but keeping people smiling nonetheless!

For visitors looking for accommodation options, you'll find everything from five-star hotels in central Bangkok like The Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok or Bangkok's Thai-designer boutique hotels like the Duangtawan Hotel Bangkok or Bangkok Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel you'll find all your accommodation needs in Bangkok. Variety and location are just a few reasons Bangkok is so popular with travelers from around the world looking for an authentic experience of one of Asia's most vibrant cities!

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