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Cairo; Arabic: القاهرة‎, called the most populous city in Egypt and known as “the City of a Thousand Minarets”, was founded about 970 A.D., while it truly flourished during Arabic rule from 641-1250 AD when many mosques were constructed giving Cairo its nickname. Cairo became a province of Egypt under the rule of Muhammad Ali Pasha and was used as a base to conquer Sudan. Cairo’s population is around 18 million, while Cairo has an area of 59 square miles (150 sq km). Cairo is also known for its mild climate, which brings many tourists during the spring season where temperatures are in the mid-70s.

Today Cairo is considered one of the most traffic-congested cities in the world, while Cairo is also known for its smog which covers Cairo making breathing difficult. Cairo has an urban population of about 9 million. Cairo was also affected during the Arab Spring when thousands of protesters demanded that former President Hosni Mubarak step down and faced police forces with tanks and guns. Cairo’s local soccer team is Al-Ahly which was established in 1894, while Cairo has the oldest and largest real madrasa in the world. Cairo was also named after Cairo a Greek city that means “hippodrome” and Cairo’s famous structure is The Cairo Tower built in 1961 standing at 250m (820 ft). Cairo’s main airport is Cairo International Airport located in Heliopolis.

Cairo is visited by thousands of tourists each year, while Cairo has many attractions for visitors such as the Cairo Opera House and the Egyptian Museum with its vast collection of ancient Egyptian history. Cairo is also known for its famous street called The Nile where there are restaurants and Cairo’s Citadel which houses the Mohamed Ali Mosque built in 1824 as well as tombs. Cairo has been a center for Jewish and Christian pilgrimage since the 4th century AD, while Cairo is also known for having other famous mosques like Muhammad Ali Mosque and Sultan Hassan Mosque. Cairo was used to filming many movies such as The Prince of Egypt and Cairo Time. Cairo is also known for its popular dish called koshari which consists of rice, lentils, pasta, fried onions, and chickpeas with garlic sauce. Cairo’s soccer team is Al-Ahly Cairo founded in 1907, while Cairo was a venue for the 2006 African Cup of Nations as well as the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Cairo has also hosted the Miss World pageant a record seven times. Cairo’s weather is Cairo its hot desert climate, while Cairo was home to Imhotep one of the world’s first doctors who were born in Ancient Egypt as well as Ibn Tulun a famous Egyptian mathematician and Al-Azhar University founded in 969.

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