Danielle Clough

Danielle Clough is an artist who lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. She uses a craft that is perceived as archaic but takes inspiration from current pop culture icons and the timeless beauty of nature. Her choice of materials also reflects this fascination with time and her vibrant picture-scapes are just as likely to adorn a vintage tennis racquet as they are a rusty chain link fence or a brand-new pair of Gucci sneakers.

She utilizes embroidery techniques that date back centuries, which she then combines with modern subject matter such as popular music artists, fashion labels, animals, food items etc., making use of both traditional stitches and more contemporary ones like appliqué for example.

She has been making experimental audio-reactive visuals for live music events since 2010 and using the stage name Fiancé Knowles. Danielle's work graced screens at some of South Africa’s best festivals such as Oppikoppi, Rocking The Daisies or Junction Festival.

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