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Gruyères is a municipality situated within the Gruyère district, part of the larger canton of Fribourg in Switzerland. Known by its German name, Greyerz, this medieval settlement serves as a key travel destination located in the elevated region of the Saane River Valley. Renowned for lending its name to a particular type of cheese, Gruyères restricts vehicular movement within its pedestrian-only zones to an unconventional means of transport—a vehicle-free train.

Geographical Coordinates and Climate

Longitude and Latitude46.5839° N, 7.1004° E
ClimateOceanic, Humid Continental

Population and Economic Indicators

PopulationApprox. 2,100 (as of 2021)
GDPNot available
Official LanguagesFrench
CurrencySwiss Franc (CHF)
ReligionPredominantly Christian

The town has an approximate population of 2,100 as per data from 2021. While specific Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data is not available for the town, it is part of the economically diverse canton of Fribourg. French is the official language of Gruyères, and the currency used is the Swiss Franc. In terms of religion, the town predominantly consists of Christians.

Tourist Appeal and Attractions

Gruyères is a tourist magnet owing to its medieval charm, lush landscapes, and historical significance. It attracts a global audience not only for its scenic beauty but also for its culinary prominence, particularly the world-renowned Gruyère cheese.

Unique Transportation Features

To maintain its historical essence and minimize environmental degradation, Gruyères restricts motorized vehicular movement on its pedestrian-only streets. Instead, a specialized trackless train serves as the exclusive mode of internal transport, contributing to the town’s unique and preserved atmosphere.

Culinary Importance: The Gruyère Cheese

Gruyère cheese, named after the town, is a hard, yellow Swiss cheese aged for three to ten months. It’s a key ingredient in a variety of dishes, such as fondues and quiches. The cheese has a distinctive flavor profile, starting off sweet and nutty but becoming more complex and earthy as it matures.

Language and Cultural Highlights

The canton of Fribourg is officially bilingual, recognizing both French and German. However, Gruyères is predominantly French-speaking. The town’s cultural and traditional practices are heavily influenced by its Christian population, which is the majority religious group here.


Gruyères is a multifaceted town that offers a range of attractions for tourists and residents alike. From its geographical and climatic diversity to its rich cultural heritage and unique transportation system, the town is a quintessential representation of Swiss charm and diversity. It holds a special place in the global culinary map for its famous Gruyère cheese, further elevating its status as a must-visit Swiss destination.

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