Photo by Benjamin Davies

London is the capital of England and covers some 26 square miles. It’s been a major settlement for two millennia, founded by Roman settlers who named it Londinium. London has an ancient core that retains its medieval boundaries. Today London retains much of this heritage along modernized streets full of people living life at every level–from kings to street sweepers alike.

London is arguably one of the most important cities around; home not only to British royalty but also millions more who came seeking fortune or refuge over centuries like my ancestors did generations ago during Ireland’s Great Famine era where we would’ve surely perished had we stayed put!

London is one of Europe’s most important cities because it has been home or at least visited often by some very influential people like Charles I (England), Queen Victoria (United Kingdom) and Winston Churchill (Great Britain). The city also holds cultural significance since so much literature had come out about its past events which includes King Henry VIII executing two wives that he married there due to royal succession issues.

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