aerial photography of buildings near sea

Manhattan is a small, yet densely populated borough of New York City. Located primarily on the island at its mouth where it meets up with The Hudson River and also including all points upstream along that famous body of water's length to Albany (but not necessarily beyond). NYC has officially been called "The Empire State" since 1801 when NY state was formed- before then being just one county within another British colony we now call America!

First settled by Dutch settlers back in 1624 who named their new land 'Manhattans Eygouden' or Manhatains Island after Henri de la Montagne d’Argent aka Frenchman Henry IV; nowadays you'll find multi-millionaires living here too.

Manhattan is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and customs from around the world. Although Manhattan remains majority privately owned with its many skyscrapers reaching for the heavens as one of America's most picturesque & densely populated areas - Manhattan has also developed into a cultural center too with museums, restaurants, bars, etc.

In fact, Manhattan is now so popular that you'll find even locals living here, once again especially Manhattanites to be New Yorkers! Manhattan is not just about business either with its famous Broadway theaters, historical landmarks, and world-class entertainment - Manhattan has it all.

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