Marija Tiurina

  • Accomplished Illustrator: Over a decade in commercial illustration, art, and design.
  • Educational Background: BSc in Multimedia Technology from Brunel University.
  • Distinguished Clientele: Worked with Apple, Netflix, Adobe, and more.
  • Versatile Portfolio: From advertising and children's books to gaming and murals.
  • Open for Commissions: Available for both corporate and personal projects.

In the heart of London's bustling art scene, Marija Tiurina emerges as a luminary with over ten years of experience in the realms of commercial illustration, art, and design. Her journey, marked by a fusion of academic prowess and creative ingenuity, has established her as a distinguished figure in the illustration world.

Academic Foundations and Professional Ascend

Marija's artistic journey is rooted in a strong academic foundation, with a BSc in Multimedia Technology from Brunel University. This educational background has been pivotal in shaping her approach to illustration, enabling her to blend traditional techniques with modern technology seamlessly.

Collaboration with Global Brands

Her portfolio is a mosaic of prestigious collaborations, featuring names like Apple, Asus, Netflix, Saatchi, Wacom, Adobe, Samsung, Penguin, and Wonderbly. These projects highlight her ability to meet and exceed the diverse and dynamic demands of top-tier clients.

A Diverse Artistic Repertoire

Marija's work spans a wide range of genres, from advertising and print to children's books, gaming, concept art, and editorial. This versatility is a testament to her adaptability and eagerness to explore new creative frontiers.

Murals: The Art of Transforming Spaces

A unique aspect of Marija's portfolio is her passion for creating large-scale murals. These murals are more than just art; they are narratives that enliven spaces, reflecting her ability to think and create on a grand scale.

Engaging with New Projects

Marija is continually seeking new challenges and is open to collaborations with both corporate clients and personal commissioners. Her commitment to artistic excellence ensures that each project, irrespective of its scale, is treated with the utmost creativity and professionalism.

Connect for Collaborations

For those interested in working with Marija, she encourages reaching out for commissions and general inquiries through the contact form provided on her website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What areas of illustration does Marija specialize in? Marija specializes in a variety of fields including advertising, children's books, gaming, concept art, and large-scale murals.
  2. Who are some of Marija's notable clients? She has collaborated with industry giants such as Apple, Asus, Netflix, Saatchi, Wacom, Adobe, Samsung, Penguin, and Wonderbly.
  3. What is Marija's educational background? She holds a BSc in Multimedia Technology from Brunel University.
  4. Is Marija open to independent projects? Yes, she welcomes commissions from both corporate entities and individual clients.
  5. How can one commission Marija for a project? Interested parties can contact her through the contact form available on her website.
  6. What sets Marija's work apart in the industry? Her extensive experience, ability to handle diverse projects, and collaborations with high-profile clients distinguish her work.
  7. Can Marija work on international projects? Yes, she is open to discussing projects outside of London.
  8. What is Marija's approach to new projects? Her approach involves understanding the client’s vision and executing it with a unique blend of creativity and precision.
  9. Where can one view Marija's past works? Her portfolio can be viewed on her website or through direct inquiries for specific samples.
  10. What inspires Marija in her art? She draws inspiration from various sources, ranging from everyday experiences to historical art movements, ensuring each piece is distinctive and expressive.

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