Max Yasgur

Max B. Yasgur, a farmer from New York, was the owner of the dairy farm where Woodstock 1969 took place and made his dream come true by turning it into one of music's most iconic moments in history with over 400 bands performing on 8 stages for 4 long days during what is now regarded as "the festival that defined an era."

Max Yasgur was a man who loved his farm, and the animals on it. He had always wanted to have an event that would make people notice what is important in life besides money: love for one another and nature.

Yasgur's dairy farm became ground zero of hippie culture when he hosted Woodstock 1969 with more than half-a-million attendees over three days despite not having any idea how many people might show up or where they were going to put them all due to previous experience as someone without connections who relied solely upon luck on occasion, but this time he did know there wasn't enough space for so many cars coming from such distances away because of being aware now as part of rural America.

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